How to start a company in the UK?

Professional advising to and management of Limited Companies.

In order to ensure the proficient management and safety of your Limited Company, we will cooperate with a professional Law Firm. While ordering us to service and manage your company, satisfactory representation in offices and full liability for our actions are guaranteed.

Services provided to Limited Companies:

Registration of the company, share confirmation,
Annual Returns, Accounts, Corporation Tax,
Self-Assessment for Directors


Limited Company is worth considering especially due to its: prestige, limited liability (connected with capital), and the possibility of regulating the amount of salary received by the director/directors, which positively affects claims for benefits or loans.

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Important facts for your business

LTD in numbers

% tax rate for companies generating profits up to £300,000
VAT registration required for profits above £82,000+ (below, there is no such need – economic aspects may be taken into account in such a case)
dividends up to £5,000 - 7,5%, from £32,000 - 32,5% (no insurance premiums)
£1.00 of minimal company’s own capital
1+ any number of directors and owners
salaries up to £680.00 are free from insurances and taxes

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